About Andi


Andi Unter, born 1984 in Bavaria is a Guitar and Harmonica Player deeply rooted in the Bluesstyles played around the Mississippi area about 100 years ago. With passion and Heart he is studying the great players of this era and already has created his own authentic style in this genre. Andi uses his Thump to play Bass and Rythm while the other fingers play complex melodies around. This traditionell pickingtechnic combined with his Harmonica, played from a rack and his foot percussion at the same time creates a whole and unique bandsound.

With his Band „Andis Bluesorchester“ he is playing on Blues and Jazz festivals, Swingdances, Weddings etc. all around Germany and the nearby countrys. They signed a contract for the German Blues label „Stormy Monday Records“ and released two Albums which you can check out on this page…

For more than ten years Andi was travelling with his music and played in all kind of Locations you can imagine – from German Wild West Saloons to Spanish Marihuana Clubs. On Festivals like Bamberg Blues&Jazz Festival, Hamburg St Pauli Folk Festival or the great Rudolstadt Festival he and his Band were creating a happy and dancing audience.

Andis Repertoire is a mix between his original Songs and old traditional pieces which are all interpreted in his own style and arrangement. His Heros are Bluespioneers like Mississippi Fred McDowell, Blind Boy Fuller, Peg Leg Sam or Sunny Terry or combos like the Mississippi Sheiks or the Memphis Jug Band to name just a few.

Today, when not touring, Andi and his Family are living in Puglia, South Italy, where you can find him playing in the small local Bars or producing his own Olive Oil.